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 just want some fucking respect, i want feel appreciated, and not lied to or cheated on and most of all i wanna be fucken loved. there you gooo, i said it. to much to fucken ask for? i always thought if you tried hard enough for something, you’d get it. thats all bullshit you know. chances are you don’t always get what you want, obviously. But doesn’t keep us from going for it. Does it? ‘Cause truth is, almost every living thing has a desire for love, to love and be loved. maybe some more than others, but whatever. But why is it whenever some folks do find love, they either make it or break it. For you few ones, that do believe they found ‘the one’. congrats, treat ‘em good. If you want them, show ‘em. If you need them, tell ‘em. If you have them, show ‘em off. If THEY are worth it, fight for ‘em. theres billions of others in the world who could have their heart, but instead they have given it to you, so don’t blow it. causing being single sucks. knowing exactly who you want, that ‘person’ to (hopefullly) keep forever. -notice how i said hopefully ‘cause again, chances are you wont get what you want. anyways, back to what i was saying treat them good. you probably don’t know how much it took them to let you in. but in all honesty, thats just what happens when people go for it. thats probably the only way you’ll ever get anywhere if you’re trying to get somewhere. however, for the other folks who still haven’t found their significant other, or who just aren’t looking; congrats for you too, for you are already smarter than me. for not chasing crazy,stupid love. kudos for you.

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